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Accepted Forms of Payment for EURC

We have been often asked “Can I buy EURC with my credit/debit card?”

Our answer is currently no. It isn’t possible to buy via a credit/debit card. The reasons for this stem from the fact that credit cards, because of their delay in settlement and the fact that someone can request a chargeback, would mean that effectively someone could buy EURC. Receive it on their wallet, then a day later request a chargeback or to cancel the transaction.

As we are a stablecoin and we desire to have true and accurate reserves in the ‘finality’ of the transaction. We have chosen for this time to not accept any form of credit card/debit card that allows such ability to chargeback or cancel the transactions. Therefore, we only accept European SEPA transactions, which are final. These then are real, and final cash transactions.

​So unfortunately, it isn’t possible to buy EURC through this method.
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