Swap | MYKOBO Support


In the MYKOBO app we have provided the option for being able to swap one crypto for another. Currently we only offer the ability to swap between any given combination of these four coins.
  1. EURC
  2. USDC
  3. XLM
  4. AQUA
Some are familiar with such an option, others might not be. If you have never heard of swapping what you are essentially doing is selling one coin, and buying another. Another term that really could be used is simply making an exchange. So for example on a EURC/USDC swap. You are selling EURC, and buying USDC.

In the app you want to follow the icon 'Swap' as follows.

This brings you to the following swap screen. On this screen all you want to do is:
  1. Select the coin you want to sell, and enter in the value.
  2. Select the coin you want to buy, and it will be automatically calculated what you will receive given the current rates on the exchange.
  3. When you are happy with the exchange rate, then simply push/tap the blue 'swap **** to ****' button. 

What follows is you then see your wallet increase on one coin and decrease on the other. It is that simple.