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The Story Behind the Name 'MYKOBO'

We often get this interesting question. We can certainly say for the native ear of most people it is kind of a perplexing name. What is it all about? I guess you could certainly say that makes us really stand out in a crowd doesn’t it? :-)

There is in fact a story to this name. Essentially, what we have here is:



noun: a monetary unit

I’m sure you can now guess now what it means? While so many blockchain, web3 and crypto startups use ‘coin’ in their company names, we do as well, just in a different dialect.

Kobo is coming from a local dialect in Nigeria and 'kobo' is the smallest unit of the Nigerian currency. One of our co-founders is from Lagos and as the saying goes, in this region when one says in conversation “my kobo” one is talking about my money, my coins. Hence, “MYKOBO.”

Version 1 of our product was mostly focused on the European Nigerian cross-border corridor. However, since stepping into version 2. Which is the current functioning product, this has blossomed into a multi-region, multi-stablecoin cross-border payment corridors.

And there you have it, why not by some EURC so that you can call it MYKOBO!
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