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Why should you choose MYKOBO?

The simplest answer is with us you will save money. If we save you money, we are doing our job correctly.

Would you say this is an excellent answer? Maybe? Maybe not?

It is About Trust

In fact, we believe a better question to answer is: Why should you trust MYKOBO?
Now this is a good question, isn’t it?

We live in a specific time where trust is waning. We see financial turmoil all around us these days and it is hard to believe we can really trust the companies that are there to providing us important services, which we rely on every single day. Especially when those even government regulations are proving to fail to protect the average user.

Can anybody really say today “I can trust my money with said organisation?”

A Key Difference

The truth is, we at MYKOBO and those who have the founding vision of this company come from a place of desiring to offer what we ourselves would want to have. That is a company that can be trusted with money, and any portion of our users’ funds.

Two tech hackers who are deeply focused on creating robust, secure systems founded this company. They are deeply paranoid (in a good way) about such technical security and in making sure we do things the right way. Taking shortcuts which will put our product at risk of being safe and secure is a no go for us. We aim to mitigate all potential risks that could come our way.

It begins with creating a product and an environment that we ourselves would trust and want to use. Because the truth is, and maybe you have experienced it yourself, often one can end up on a website of a company offering a service and for whatever reason, you just do not trust it.

We know that feeling all too well and so we work hard to create a product that we can step back from and say, “yes, we honestly would use our own products and services.”

Give Us a Try

The best way to get to know us is give us a try. Download the MYKOBO app, register and buy your first EURC and see how you feel about the process. Or head to one of our partners who offers cross-border transactions and plugs into the MYKOBO EURC API and get your first EURC that way.

We are happy to use our own products and we hope you will be too. You can also read more about our EURC here. Browse our Knowledge Base for more information and engage with our users through Discord, Twitter and LinkedIn and don’t be afraid to kick the tires a bit.
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