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Withdrawing from the LP

Once again, in the MYKOBO app, you will see in the navigation bar the following icon.

Once in the liquidity pool screen you want to click into the respective liquidity pool that you have deposited funds into. From there, you will see once again the screen with all of the statistics around the LP.

In order to withdraw funds from the liquidity pool, select the blue button 'Withdraw' and you will be taken to the following screen:

When withdrawing you will see you do not select a specific EURC or XLM value. But a 'percentage' of the pooled funds that you have previously deposited.

Select the slider in the percentage field and choose between 0% - 100% of what you want to withdraw. When you are done, select the blue button 'Withdraw Liquidity' and the transaction will be completed. That percentage will be withdrawn and you will then have back into your EURC and XLM wallets the funds.

Examples, If you were holding:
  1. 50 EURC / 587.233542779 XLM and withdraw 50%, you would have 25 EURC and 293.6167713895 XLM be withdrawn to your wallets of each coin.
  2. 50 EURC / 54.65 USDC and withdraw 20%, you would have 10 EURC and 10.93 USDC.
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