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Who Can Sign Up?

Which countries are eligible and ineligible to go through our KYC approvals.

Our ultimate desire would be that there wouldn't be any constraints on being able to sign up for our app and our API service. However, at this time there are certain countries we are simply not able to offer our services in.

If you are resident in any of the following countries, it will not be possible at this time to use our app and services. For all other countries not in this list, it will be possible to go through our KYC process.

As you will see, the United Kingdom has been added to this list. This is due unfortunately to the new regulations in the UK around crypto. Due to these changes, we are no longer able to allow UK based customers to go through the KYC process and use our services. We do apologise for this inconvenience.

· Burkina Faso
· Cambodia
· Cayman Islands
· Congo, Democratic Republic of
· Cuba
· Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK – North Korea)
· Fiji
· Guam
· Haiti
· Iran, Islamic Republic of
· Jamaica
· Jordan
· Mali
· Morocco
· Mozambique
· Myanmar
· Nicaragua
· Pakistan
· Panama
· Russia
· Samoa
· Senegal
· South Sudan
· Syrian Arab Republic
· Trinidad and Tobago
· United Kingdom
· Uganda
· Vanuatu
· Virgin Islands, US
· Yemen

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